Spa massage treatments provided at Namasthe Ayurvedic Mission

Spa Massage

Spa massage treatments provided at Namasthe Ayurvedic Mission

Namaste Ayurveda, one of the best Ayurveda hospital in Varkala which possess a brilliant track record in the field of Ayurveda, the main speciality of us is the concentrated ayurvedic massages. we have specialised doctors to execute the treatments. we have far more experience than any other Ayurveda hospitals in Varkala. Namaste Ayurveda treats our customers with utmost care. we have more than 100+ customers for massage treatments every season. we have special massage treatments, that packages are as follows. 

Thai Massage

Your hectic work schedules and daily routine can sometimes bring you about problems like back pain, shoulder stiffness and frustration. There are many recreational activities that can help you to get relief from these problems along with certain health benefits. You can attain a true level of relaxation from Thai massage. It is a kind of massage developed in Thailand which gives rejuvenation and many health benefits simultaneously. It can produce benefits like reduced stress, increased energy and flexibility and improved circulation. The relief from asthma, migraines, anxiety, sprains etc. is also worthy.

In addition to these, Thai massage helps to reduce the individual's stress levels and improve their overall circulation. The stress will be depleted from their muscles. This will help to increase your energy levels.


Shiatsu also called “finger pressure massage” is a Japanese form of therapy of thousands of years of old. It is the best way to get relaxation from many spiritual, physical and emotional problems. It can keep an individual well physically, emotionally and spiritually always. Numerous ailments can be successfully treated through this Japanese form of bodywork. Other outcomes of this therapy are relief from a variety of conditions such as back pain, headache, anxiety, and insomnia, and neck and shoulder pain, different kinds of injuries, stress, depression and digestive problems.


Swedish massage is the most common type of massage in the West. Swedish massage promotes relaxation along with certain other health benefits. As this is the best-known kind of massage therapy today, one of the primary goals of the Swedish massage is to relax your entire body. Some of the Benefits that you can avail from Massage Therapy are relief from stress, reduced pain, lowered blood pressure and improved flexibility. Enhanced level of oxygen in the blood, decreased muscle toxins etc. are the plus points of Swedish massage.


Reflexology is one of the demanding procedure in which pressure is applied to the feet, hands and ears with no use of any oils or lotions. It can be a deeply relaxing and highly stress relieving. Anxiety and depression can be reduced, and enhance relaxation and sleep. Reflexology can treat a wide variety of medical conditions, such as asthma, diabetes and cancer. So you can relax, rejuvenate, and continue to live and grow healthier always.

Chiropractic Therapy

Chiropractic therapy is a procedure in which trained specialists known as chiropractors use their hands or a small instrument to apply a controlled, sudden force to a spinal joint. It mainly focuses on non-surgical treatment of disorders of the nervous system and musculoskeletal system. It also deals with spinal manipulation and treatment of surrounding structures. Chiropractic therapy is found highly effective for most common problems like Low back pain, neck pain and headache. The long-term outcome is enhanced by obtaining maintenance spinal manipulation.