The Ayurvedic Pain Relief Treatment at Namasthe Ayurvedic Mission


The Ayurvedic Pain Relief Treatment at Namasthe Ayurvedic Mission

Elakizhi is an Ayurveda treatment which is a very demanding and very effective treatment among all the Ayurveda treatments. It is a highly rejuvenating treatment for this Ayurveda herbs and especially mended oil is used with heated boluses induces profuse sudation, which helps in the fomentation process. The Elakizhi is used to treat lubricating joints, stiffness of muscles, relieving joint pain, strengthening the spinal muscles especially backache, increase blood circulation, expels toxins through the sweat. You can have the best Elakizhi treatment in Varkala Namaste Ayurveda. we are the best Ayurveda hospital in Varkala.


Elakizhi, where ELA means that leaf and Kizhi mean that bundle, is a massage treatment from the traditional books of Ayurveda, within which healthful leaves are costumed to tackle the inflammatory disease, joint pain, muscle cramps, and stress. This treatment is especially counseled for inflammatory conditions of bones & joints, chronic back pain, and sports injuries. Finely crushed seasoning leaves and alternative medicated powders with warm medicated oil and bundled into boluses in cotton. These bundles are steamed and also applied rhythmically in all parts of the body. The technique alleviates sore muscles and joints and is effective in varied kinds of inflammatory disease, frozen shoulder, sports injuries and for all spastic and inflammatory conditions. It allows good and effective blood circulation, cleanses the channels of blood circulation and eradicate toxins toxins through the sweat.

What are the benefits of Elakizhi?

1. Cure to Arthritis

2. Helps in reducing Chronic Back pain

3. A better cure to Spondylitis

4. Different kinds of Sports Injuries

5. Chronic Joint pains

6. Muscle Numbness or Pain

7. Many Neurological disorders

8. Sciatica

9. Sprains and cramps