Nasya is one of the Ayurvedic detoxification or cleansing therapy in Panchakarma.


Nasya is one of the Ayurvedic detoxification or cleansing therapy in Panchakarma.


Nasya is an Ayurveda medication where special oil contains a mixture of herbs which is administrated through your nostrils, which directly goes into your head through which helps to create a good result faster. It helps to detoxify your head and also clear sinus issues. This Nasya is a very effective and risky treatment, if not properly administrated, there will be reactions. The medicaments administered through the nostrils interpenetrate into the nervous (Brain) and blood vessel system (Blood circulation) gift in and round the nostrils. Then they evacuate the morbidity present or distributed in close space. So it relieves the blockage of the channels and also the diseases are cured effectively. Nasya treatment doesn't cause any serious side effects once performed by a seasoned healer. However, it's suggested to not endure Nasya when significant meals or Shirodhara is done. You can have the best Nasya treatment in Varkala Namaste Ayurveda. we are the best Ayurveda hospital in Varkala.

Types of Nasya

  1.  Virechana (cleansing) nasya: dry powers or herbs were blown into the nose. Ordinarily used substances embody vacha (calamus), brahmi (gotu kola), and jatamamsi.
  2. Bruhana (nutritive) nasya: particularly smart for vata dosha. Strengthening and tonifying substances that are administered through the nose. Ordinarily used substances are drawn butter, salt, shatavari ghee, ashwagandha ghee, medicated milk, and numerous oils.
  3. Shamana (sedative) nasya: medicated decoctions, teas, the medicated juice of herbs, or medicated oils specific to the dosha were used. Substances used embody brahmi ghee (for pitta), vacha oil (for kapha or vata), and tikta ghee (for vata or pitta).
  4. Navana nasya: decoctions, contemporary juices, and oils are mixed along and administered in line with the aggravated dosha. Used for pitta-vata or pitta-kapha disorders. Among the substances used embrace brahmi juice (for pitta) and vacha juice (for kapha or vata).
  5. Marshya: a bit ghee or oil is inserted into the nostrils with the small finger. This, alongside light massage, helps to alleviate stress and opens the deep tissues. It may be done on an everyday basis or often as desired.


What are the benefits of Nasya?

  • Strengthen Nasal Passage
  • Relieves headaches and migraine
  • Treat allergies and sinusitis
  • Clear mucous blockages
  • Open blocked channels
  • Treat nasal infections
  • Remedy for congestions

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