About Ayurveda


About Ayurveda


Ayurveda is the Traditional form of medicinal system originated in India having a prestigious history of more than 3000 years making it one of the world’s oldest healthcare systems. The word Ayurveda derived from two Sanskrit roots Ayush (life) and Vid (science), which means Science of life. Ayurvedic massage and treatments mainly focus on controlling the patient’s mind; improve their concentration and memory. Ayurveda offers you holistic treatment with no harm to your body. Treatments in Ayurveda are through lifestyle interventions and natural therapies mainly. According to Ayurveda, every disease starts with an imbalance or stress in the body. In Ayurveda, Many incurable diseases are treated successfully were other systems of medicine such as allopathy fail to treat. The concept of Ayurveda is to Treat the root cause and give permanent relief. Along with treatments, various lifestyle modifications are also be advised. These traditional treatments and exercises will open up a whole new world for you. It is not the way of Ayurveda to treat only the visible symptoms.

Recent trends show that the natural and herbal therapies is getting increased acceptance worldwide as it does not have any side effects. That means the popularity of Ayurveda is growing throughout the world. So anyway Ayurveda should be observed as one of the living treasures in the world more than as a medical system, that we should be utilized properly.

The two main goals of Ayurveda are the maintenance of positive health, and the other being the treatment of diseases. Totally Ayurveda helps man to improve the quality of his life and to achieve a perfect cure for various ailments.


Panchakarma is a special form of therapeutic treatment in Ayurveda consisting of 5 procedures namely Vamana, virechana, nasya, Nirooha, and Anuvasana. This treatment aims at eliminating toxins or Doshas from the body and improving body functionality by cleansing deep tissues and rejuvenating the body. It is acknowledged as an excellent method to maintain health and to slow down premature aging. This unique kind of natural treatment can bring inner peace and confidence.

Mud therapy

Mud is an important element of nature having a vital role in human health. Mud carries many important minerals that have positive effects on human health. Mud has the ability to absorb toxins from the human body, therefore, it is very useful in preventing many diseases. It also helps in cooling and relaxing the body as it can hold moisture for a long time.

Benefits of Mud therapy are:

• To get rid of acne and pimples
• Improved digestion
• Enhanced blood circulation and therapeutic properties.
• Effective for Diarrhea and Vomiting
• Eye vision enhancement
• Protection of the skin
• Relief from headache and fever.
• improve the natural glow of the skin
• Anti-inflammatory effect 
• Reduced mental stress and strain

A mud pack is excellently beneficial and usually recommended at the time when a prolonged cold application is needed as it can retain moisture or cooling capacity for a long period of time.


Fasting Therapy

The majority of people are following a completely irregular diet in our daily life as we are not conscious about the importance of proper diet for maintaining a healthy life. A totally imbalanced diet leads to many major physical troubles. Do you want to strengthen your immune system? Do you think anything is going to happen if we did not take medicines for every cold, sneeze, for every headache, for a minute wound on your hand instead of giving our body a chance to heal itself?? If you wish to lead a healthy and cheerful life then your best option is Fasting Therapy to achieve your goal. Fasting affects psychological and emotional aspects too. Fasting is defined as ‘Total abstinence from all kinds of food for a definite period of time’.

Benefits of Fasting:

• Fasting helps to remove the toxic matter from blood and purify the system.
• Improves and strengthens the resistant capacity of the body.
• Improve the functional efficiency of vital organs.
• Fasting awakens the mind and enhances confidence