Njavarakizhi Ayurvedic Treatment Thiruvananthapuram


Njavarakizhi Ayurvedic Treatment Thiruvananthapuram

Njavarakizhi medical aid involves a generous quantity of medicated oil being applied to the entire body. The body is then massaged with little textile boluses crammed with steamed Njavara rice. The Njavara rice is found in Kerala which has medical content that is good for the body. It helps soft tissue nourishment, lightness in the joints, and muscles by inducing sweat. The distinctive and nice contribution of Navara Kizhi should specially mention. In a piece of writing, there are various piece of writing treatments and Navara Kizhi is one among the effective ways that to induce relax for each body and mind and it’s thought-about to be a specialized Kerala treatment. Piece of writing Acharyas have declared Navara Kizhi as a result-oriented treatment. You can have the best Njavarakizhi treatment in Varkala Namaste Ayurveda. we are the best Ayurveda hospital in Varkala.

 This distinctive treatment includes a tradition of thousands of years. Navara Kizhi is an Ayurveda treatment modality and that is employed as Swedana fate. In Ayurveda, Navara Kizhi may be a style of Brimhana Sweda and it's nothing however in Ayurveda, it’s the nutritious medical aid. Medicated rice is that the main content of Navar Kizhi and this rice enriches medicative values. Navara Kizhi, the treatment method involves 3 elements and it starts with Purva karma and it suggests that the pre-procedure and with Pradhana karma and {which suggests that|which suggests|which implies} as main procedure and therefore the third method is Pashyat karma and it means because of the post-procedure. within the Indo-Aryan language, the Navara Kizhi is known as swastika Shali Pinda Sweda. It’s a bolus with some specialty, suggests that the preparation of medicated rice and conjointly with alternative flavoring medicines used with reading for perspiration is termed Navara Kizhi. Navara Kizhi is a very effective piece of writing treatment in each aspect and without this distinctive sort of treatment, Ayurveda gets no goodwill.

What are the benefits of Njavarakizhi?

1.            Helps in preventing the degeneration of joint tissues

2.            Provides lightness within the joints, soft tissues, and muscles by inducement sweat

3.            Corrects morbidity related to Vatha and pitta doshas

4.            Enhances flexibility and movement of joints

5.            Enhances color and complexion by up blood circulation within the skin